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Kung Fu Hustle


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Movie-kinetics genius. Kung Fu Hustle takes the gleeful mayhem of Hong Kong action movies, the deadpan physical humor of silent comedies and fuses them into a spectacle that is simple in its joys and mind-boggling in its orchestration. A run-down slum has been poor but peaceful until a bunch of black-suited gangsters called the Axe Gang show up to cause trouble--and discover that, hidden among the humble poor, are three kung fu masters trying to live an ordinary life. But after these martial artists repulse the gang with their flying fists and feet, the gang leader hires a pair of assassins, whose arrival leads to the unveiling of more secrets. This is a real treat, more than a great action film or comedy.

15 Action, Comedy

Format: Anamorphic, Dubbed, PAL; Language Cantonese Chinese; Subtitles: Dutch, English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish; Region: 2; Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1; Discs: 1; Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent. UK; Release Date: 24 Oct 2005; Run Time: 95 minutes
Cast: Stephen Chow. Directors: Stephen Chow

Lady In The Water


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Kindly caretaker Cleveland Heep (Paul Giamatti) discovers an elfin creature named Story (Bryce Dallas Howard) living in the swimming pool of the apartment complex where he works. It soon becomes apparent to Cleveland that Story is not of this world, and that her mission to deliver a message to mankind is fraught with danger. The stuttering caretaker tries valiantly to protect her so that she may have safe passage back to the Blue World from whence she came. Suspension of disbelief is mandatory in this beautifully realised modern day fable, directed by master of suspense M. Night Shyamalan, who puts his own unique spin on the conventions of the traditional fairy tale.

12 Fantasy, suspense

Format: PAL; Language English; Region: 2; Discs: 1; Studio: Warner Home Video; Release Date: 15 Jan 2007; Run Time: 105 minutes
Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Paul Giamatti, Jeffrey Wright, Bob Balaban, Freddy Rodriguez. Directors: M. Night Shyamalan

Lady Vengeance



Having served 13 years in jail for the abduction and murder of a young boy, Gu-eum-ja (Lee Young-ja) is set free since she has proven to be a role model prisoner. But she not been idle during those 13 years of incarceration. She has built up an army of allies and their valued friendship is going to help her exact her carefully planned revenge on her former teacher, the real culprit of the crimes, Mr Baek (Old Boy's Choi Min-Suk). Renowned Oldboy director Chan Wook Park's deliciously stylish thriller is his much-anticipated third film to focus on the nature of revenge. Slick and inventive, it's proof that his film-making can be a piece of cake.

18 Drama, Suspense, Horror

Format: Anamorphic, PAL; Subtitles: English; Region: 2; Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1; Discs: 1; Studio: Tartan; Release Date: 8 May 2006; Run Time: 115 minutes
Cast: Yeong-Ae Lee, Min-Sik Choi, Si-Hu Kim, Yea-Young Kwon. Directors: Chan-Wook Park

National Treasure 2 - Book Of Secrets



The film is most fun when the hunt, as in National Treasure, squeezes Ben into such impossible situations as examining twin desks in the queen's chambers in Buckingham Palace and the White House's Oval Office, or kidnapping an American president (Bruce Greenwood) for a few minutes of frank talk. Helen Mirren, joins the cast of a likely hit film as Ben's archaeologist mother, long-estranged from Voight's character but as feisty as the rest of the family. Returning director Turteltaub takes excellent advantage of his colorful backdrops in European capitals and oversees some wildly imaginative sets for this dramedy's feverish third act in an audacious and completely unexpected, legendary setting.

PG Adventure, fantasy, Action, Family

Format: PAL; Language English; Region: 2; Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1; Discs: 1; Studio: Walt Disney; Release Date: 2 Jun 2008; Run Time: 119 minutes
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Jon Voight, Helen Mirren, Harvey Keitel. Directors: Jon Turteltaub

Night At The Museum

2 Disc Special Edition


Ben Stiller stars as Larry Daley, an underachieving inventor waiting for his ship to come in while getting evicted from one apartment after another for lack of funds. Larry's son needs some stability, so the well-meaning ne'er-do-well takes a job as night watchman at New York City's Museum of Natural History. An ancient pharaoh's tablet in the museum causes everything on display to come to life at night. Brief appearances by Anne Meara (Stiller's real-life mother) and Paul Rudd add to the fun. Carla Gugino plays a museum docent, Ricky Gervais portrays the incomprehensible museum director, and Robin Williams moonlights as a wax figure of Teddy Roosevelt that comes to life. Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan are particularly amusing as a bickering miniature cowboy and a Roman soldier.

PG Family, Comedy

Format: PAL; Region: 2; Discs: 1; Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; Release Date: 20 Aug 2007; Run Time: 104 minutes
Cast: Ben Stiller, Jake Cherry, Ricky Gervais, Dick Van Dyke, Owen Wilson. Directors: Shawn Levy

Over The Hedge


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The manicured lawns and overstuffed garbage cans of suburbia become a buffet for woodland creatures in Over the Hedge. A self-centered raccoon named RJ (voiced by Bruce Willis) steals and accidentally destroys the hoard of an angry bear (Nick Nolte) who gives the raccoon a week to replace it. RJ despairs--until he meets an odd gang of foragers, ranging from a turtle named Verne (Garry Shandling), a father/daughter duo of opossums (the bizarre pairing of William Shatner and pop singer Avril Lavigne), a family of porcupines (with A Mighty Wind's Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara as the parents), and a hyperactive squirrel named Hammy (Steve Carell).

U Family, Animation

Format: PAL; Language English; Region: 2; Discs: 1; Studio: Paramount; Release Date: 2006; Run Time: 80 minutes
Directors: Tim Johnson, Karey Kirkpatrick

Pan's Labyrinth


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Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, Jorge Luis Borges, and Guillermo del Toro's own unlimited imagination - a fairytale for adults. Ofelia's (Ivana Baquero) worlds, both above and below ground, are dark as anything del Toro has conjured. Set in rural Spain, circa 1944, Ofelia and her widowed mother, Carmen (Ariadna Gil) have just moved into an abandoned mill with Carmen's new husband, Captain Vidal. Ofelia soon finds that an entire universe exists below the mill. Her guide is the persuasive Faun (Doug Jones, Mimic). As her mother grows weaker, Ofelia spends more and more time in the satyr's labyrinth. He offers to help her out of her predicament if she'll complete three treacherous tasks.

15 Drama, Fantasy

Format: Anamorphic, PAL; Language Spanish; Region: 2; Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1; Discs: 1; Studio: Optimum Home Entertainment; Release Date: 21 May 2007; Run Time: 119 minutes
Cast: Ivana Baquero, Ariadna Gil, Sergi Lopez, Maribel Verdu, Doug Jones. Directors: Guillermo del Toro




This is a genuinely creepy and stunningly effective horror movie. By "horror" we mean that distinctive Japanese/Korean style that depends more on atmosphere, tension and psychological trauma than on special effects, grisly murders, or screenfuls of fake blood. "Kairo" is not just another example of the style, but it predates all the others -- even "Ring". The plot is simple, but deceptive. When their colleagues commit suicide, two strangers are drawn together. Both are lonely people, which is the theme of the movie: the afterlife, they suggest, isn't a place of communion and happiness, but of eternal loneliness. Moreover, heaven is now full, and with nowhere to go, people don't die anymore, they just fade into this eternal loneliness. The horror creeps up with each half-glimpsed dark shadow, the taped-up rooms where ghosts have been spotted. The scenes of an empty Tokyo are amazing, and so much better than the scenes of an empty London in "28 Days".

15 Horror

Format: PAL; Region: 2; Discs: 1; Studio: Optimum Home Entertainment; Release Date: 27 Mar 2006; Run Time: 115 minutes
Cast: Kumiko Aso, Haruhiko Kato. Directors: Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Quantum of Solace

Two disc special edition

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Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in this thrilling, action-packed adventure that picks up where Casino Royale left off. Betrayed by the woman he loved, 007 fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. On a nonstop quest for justice that crisscrosses the globe, Bond meets the beautiful but feisty Camille (Olga Kurylenko), who leads him to Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), a ruthless businessman and major force within the mysterious Quantum organization. When Bond uncovers a conspiracy to take control of one of the worlds most important natural resources, he must navigate a minefield of treachery, deception and murder to neutralize Greene before its too late!

12 Action, Thriller

Format: PAL; Subtitles: English, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian; Region 2 ; Number of discs: 2; Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; Release Date: 2009; Run Time: 100 minutes
Cast: Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Judi Dench, Gemma Arterton. Directors: Marc Forster

Resident Evil - Apocalypse


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2002's popular video-game-derived hit Resident Evil didn't inspire confidence in a sequel, but Resident Evil: Apocalypse defies odds and surpasses expectations. It's a bigger, better, action-packed zombie thriller, and this time Milla Jovovich (as the first film's no-nonsense heroine) is joined by more characters from the popular Capcom video games, including Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr, from 1999's The Mummy). They're armed and ready for a high-caliber encounter with devil dogs, mutant "Lickers," lurching zombies, and the leather-clad monster known only as Nemesis, unleashed by the nefarious Umbrella Corporation responsible for creating the cannibalistic undead horde.

15 Horror, Sci-Fi, Action

Format: Anamorphic, Dubbed, PAL; Language English; Subtitles: Danish, English, Finnish, Hindi, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish; Region: 2; Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1; Discs: 1; Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; Release Date: 7 Feb 2005; Run Time: 97 minutes
Cast: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Thomas Kretschmann, Jared Harris. Directors: Alexander Witt




This Rollerball, a 2002 remake of the excellent 1975 original, is one of the most notorious failed would-be blockbusters of recent years. Chris Klein struggles as Jonathon Cross, star of the violent game of the title, a mixture of speedway, hockey and rollerskating for the WWF generation. Perfunctory support comes from Rebecca (X Men) Romijn-Stamos, while Jean Reno is the promoter prepared to sacrifice player's lives for TV ratings. The remake could not be more different from the original in tone, as formal elegance is replaced by a cacophonic heavy metal soundtrack and MTV-style editing that makes the games impossible to follow. Set in the present, this Rollerball ironically fulfils the original's suggestion that the near future would be a big business, media-dominated world of blood and circuses. The film's best asset is relocating the story in a crumbling and corrupt Russia, a world sufficiently alien to have a genuinely science fictional resonance

15 Sci-Fi, Action

Format: Anamorphic, Dubbed, PAL; Language English; Subtitles: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish; Region: 2; Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1; Discs: 1; Studio: UCA; Release Date: 8 Mar 2004; Run Time: 94 minutes
Cast: Chris Klein, Jean Reno, L.L. Cool J., Naveen Andrews, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Director: John McTiernan




Here's a gooey, hilarious, creepy horror film for the whole mutant, cannibal family. Michael Rooker stars as Grant, a big bald guy from a small southern town who gets possessed by a meat-hungry parasite-worm creature from space. Even under the alien influence he still loves his wife, Starla (Elizabeth Banks), but she's alarmed at his weird new habits, such as consuming all the local wildlife. The sheriff in town (Nathan Fillion) investigates. He still carries a torch for Starla from when they were kids, but once the squirming, slithering, and cannibalism begin in earnest, it becomes clear that this is no time for romance.

15 Horror, Comedy

Format: Anamorphic, PAL; Language English; Region: 2; Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1; Discs: 1; Studio: Entertainment in Video; Release Date: 16 Oct 2006; Run Time: 95 minutes
Cast: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, Gregg Henry, Don Thompson. Directors: James Gunn

Snakes on a Plane

New! Unwrapped


Snakes on a Plane knows exactly what kind of movie it is, knows exactly what moviegoers expect from a title like Snakes on a Plane, and delivers the exact pleasures of a movie in which poisonous snakes are unleashed on a plane to kill an eyewitness to murder. Samuel L. Jackson knows exactly what he's doing in this movie and knows exactly when to pull out the superbad Samuel L. Jackson stare and deliver the infuriated Samuel L. Jackson bellow. Director David R. Ellis (Final Destination 2, Cellular) gives the movie the much-needed headlong momentum you would expect from a former stunt coordinator. In summation: A perfect piece of self-aware but not self-conscious high camp entertainment, blending comedy and thrills in perfect proportion.

15 Action, Thriller

Format: Anamorphic, PAL; Language English; Region: 2; Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1; Discs: 1; Studio: Entertainment In Video; Release Date: 26 Dec 2006; Run Time: 102 minutes
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Byron Lawson, Kenan Thompson, Rachel Blanchard, Flex Alexander. Directors: David R. Ellis